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InvestEdge is web-based software for managing, measuring, and reporting on high net worth and ultra-high net worth portfolios. The advisor-facing system enables a better, broader, more consistent view of accounting and performance data, and features integrated tools that simplify both common and complex tasks.

Although there are many solutions for isolated needs like performance measurement, client reporting, compliance management, or investment monitoring, only InvestEdge delivers all of the tools and information investment professionals need in one convenient, secure location.

Portfolio Management

InvestEdge’s portfolio management features enhance efficiencies by organizing vast amounts of account information and presenting it in a manner that is aligned with the daily workflow of advisors. The system features rich visual displays and intuitive drill-downs, enabling you to gain an instant snapshot of each or your account’s holdings, allocation, performance, and alignment to objectives…
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Performance Measurement

InvestEdge offers a performance system featuring GIPs-compliant calculations. The scalable, low-maintenance solution is a turnkey system for the daily calculation of asset level, time weighted rates of return, as well as the calculation of composite returns. Through a single interface, wealth managers can analyze investment strategies, compare results to benchmarks and indices, demonstrate attribution, and create straightforward and accurate reports for clients…
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Client Reporting

InvestEdge’s client reporting features equip advisors to instantaneously deliver high-quality, reliable presentations by solving many of the inefficiencies inherent to report generation and customization. The patented technology automates time-intensive tasks such as data gathering, report creation, and report assembly. As a result, you can schedule and produce large numbers of customized reports at period ends, or single reports on demand for clients meetings or requests…
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Compliance Monitoring

InvestEdge’s compliance features make continuous monitoring of accounts not only possible, but simple and proactive. The system automatically checks each account-each day-against rules defined by your organization (such as limits on cash positions, sector weightings, etc.). You can also schedule and monitor investment reviews and administrative reviews, and track their progress through a customizable multi-step review process…
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Simple Rebalancing and Trading

The most efficient approach to trade-related tasks is for advisors to utilize tools interwoven into the day-to-day portfolio management processes. With InvestEdge, you are able to automatically produce buy/sell lists, compare potential trades to restricted holdings lists, evaluate the impact of transactions on portfolios, and even release trades to a third-party order management system all without re-keying data…
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Data Aggregation

Imagine presenting your clients with a consolidated report showing all of their assets-regardless of who manages them or where they are custodied. Through a technology alliance between InvestEdge and Evare, LLC (a leader in financial data acquisition, enrichment, transformation and delivery), firms utilizing the InvestEdge platform have streamlined access to held-away assets from virtually any location…
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Client Portal

The InvestEdge Connect client portal allow advisors to enrich their client’s experience by providing them with timely, in-depth information of their total wealth from all of their investment relationships. All data is consistent with the advisor’s platform, giving the client access to the same rich data as the advisor. As the advisor, you will be able to demonstrate the value of your company’s investment expertise by sharing proprietary research, articles and videos – while personalizing targeted messaging, reporting, and content with your company style guide…
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Integrated Data Solutions

Increase both the productivity of your investment professionals as well as quality of client reporting by integrating data from numerous sources into a single solution. Use automated interfaces to eliminate the data inconsistencies that are common with multiple systems or with manual processes…
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