Powering Fiduciaries

InvestEdge has specialized in fiduciary compliance for nearly two decades. We have equipped thousands of advisors with the tools needed to demonstrate the smart thinking behind every decision on a client’s behalf. Now, as advisory firms across the nation ramp up their compliance efforts for the DOL Fiduciary Rule, our deep history of enabling fiduciary excellence has never been more important.

The fiduciary standard of care

The Department of Labor’s impending Fiduciary Rule, when fully implemented, will impose a fiduciary standard on all advisors who provide retirement advice. Banks, trusts, RIAs and brokers/dealers will be required to act in the best interest of their investors on all retirement issues, including managing individual retirement accounts and recommending to roll over from an ERISA plan to an IRA.

In preparation, advisors and brokers using a Best Interest Contract Exemption (BICE) for investors will need new workflows to ensure compliance with the new rule. Meeting the standards requires a sharp focus on documentation and an emphasis on transparency and effective communication with clients.

Compliance and monitoring at every step

With InvestEdge, compliance monitoring is no longer a reactive event. It’s integrated into the advisor’s daily workflow. Advisory firms (banks, trusts, RIAs and brokers/dealers) can set their own protocols for flagging compliance issues based on an investor’s individual risk tolerance levels and the firm’s mitigation strategies. The InvestEdge compliance solution is not a one-off product that has been reworked to fit the current regulatory environment; it’s a foundational part of our offering and embedded into every aspect of the advisor’s fiduciary workflows and management oversight tools.

Our compliance monitoring approach provides strong tools for individual advisors and enterprises to demonstrate all actions are taken in the best interest of the client, including:

  • Intelligent workflows providing multi-level approval and tracking on a daily basis
  • Automated analysis of portfolio holdings and allocations to customer mandates, firm policies and government regulations
  • Fully customizable, transparent flagging system with the ability to set triggers, permissible answers and monitor progress via intuitive dashboard
  • Clean, easy-to-understand fiduciary summary statement that reflects all actions taken on an account throughout the year that can be stored for up to seven years

A comprehensive solution

These intelligent, integrated solutions keep clients informed and satisfied while significantly reducing operational, brand and regulatory risks. In 2016 alone, InvestEdge helped banks, trusts, RIAs and brokers/dealers identify more than 3 million alerts as part of more than 400,000 reviews.

Advisors act in the best interest of their clients because that’s what a fiduciary does. With InvestEdge’s customizable compliance monitoring solutions, demonstrating your commitment to client service under the new DOL Fiduciary Rule is a mere click away.

A proactive risk mitigation strategy

Establishing an enterprise-wide approach to compliance and risk is more important than ever. MMxCHANGE’s custom investment platform is a new approach to compliance that gives firms unprecedented levels of control of their investment products and managers.

Learn more about the future of digital investing compliance with MMxCHANGE.

To discuss your compliance challenges and opportunities in light of the new DOL Fiduciary Rule, contact us today.

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