Data Aggregation

Streamline Access to Held-Away Assets

As wealth managers vie for increased wallet share among HNW and UHNW investors, the need to understand the complete investment picture of each client grows. The ability to analyze and report on a holistic view of assets-regardless of who manages them-results in better investment decisions, improved customer retention, and substantial growth.

In response, InvestEdge formed a technology alliance with Evare, LLC; a leader in financial data acquisition, enrichment, transformation and delivery. Now, firms utilizing the InvestEdge platform have streamlined access to held-away assets from virtually any custodian.

Evare’s fully automated service delivers reconciled, asset-level data including balance, positions, transactions and performance. This data is then fed into InvestEdge, where it can be analyzed and reported upon. Portfolios can be viewed on an account-by-account basis, with easy segmentation of assets managed internally (from your books-of record), externally (gathered by Evare), or in aggregate.

And because the data is collected at the asset level, InvestEdge can even calculate performance for the held-away accounts. This enables advisors to show the performance returns on the external assets and compare the allocations and management styles against internally managed assets.

The result? The reconciled data feeds from Evare eliminate the inefficiencies inherent to traditional means of collecting, normalizing and categorizing asset-level data, and tools provided by InvestEdge result in more timely and accurate reconciliation, performance analysis, and client reporting.


Depth, Breadth and Quality

Gather the specific investment data needed for analyzing, measuring and reporting on HNW and UHNW accounts.

Depth, Breadth and Quality

  • Augment books-of-record data with held-away assets for a complete view of client assets.
  • Gain direct point-to-point connectivity to a vast network of custodians used by your clients.
  • Receive normalized, asset-level data including balance, positions, transactions and performance.

Analysis and Reporting

Equip wealth managers with more complete data, and deliver it to clients in professional-looking reports.

Analysis and Reporting

  • Present high-value clients with a holistic picture of their wealth, regardless of who has custody of the assets.
  • Automatically incorporate data into periodic or ad hoc reports.
  • Present performance returns on internal and external assets.
  • Better understand the tax implications of trades.
  • Manage accounts with consideration to each client’s entire portfolio.

Grow the Business

Expand relationships by demonstrating the value of your investment style and objectives.

Grow the Business

  • Contrast and compare allocations, management styles and results.
  • Increase wallet share with existing clients.
  • Improve customer retention by providing additional value.