Portfolio Management


InvestEdge's portfolio management features enhance efficiencies by organizing vast amounts of account information and presenting it in a manner that is aligned with the daily workflow of advisors.

Each night, InvestEdge automatically imports data from your books-of record system(s), including those from SunGard, FIS Global, or Advent, as well as brokerage systems such as Fidelity and Pershing. And through a partnership with Evare, LLC., InvestEdge can incorporate held-away assets from virtually any custodian. InvestEdge is the only front-office platform to include flexible asset categories-enabling you to categorize assets at a more granular level. In addition to the standard four asset categories (Equities, Fixed Income, Cash and Other) you can define up to ten additional custom asset classes, as well as five layers at the subclass level. Customizable asset classes increase the flexibility of performance reporting, especially when defining indices at numerous levels. As a result, you have a better and more accurate way to present your investment strategies and management styles.

InvestEdge provides a wealth of data at the asset level as well. Ticker symbol, number of shares held by the account, price, market value, tax cost, gains and losses, estimated income, yield, and other valuable information is readily accessible. Additional data, such as fundamentals, EPS, total returns, and related research reports are also dynamically linked to each asset, providing streamlined access to virtually all data required for analysis and decision making.

Other productivity-enhancing features-such as tools for comparing accounts to targets and models, tracking investment policies, block trading, and creating family-based relationships- further enable you to spend more time gathering additional assets, and less time manipulating data.

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Leverage Information

Enhance advisor productivity with simplified access to tools and data.

Leverage Information

  • Unleash data from your books-of-record system.
  • Aggregate held-away accounts and assets to provide a complete investment picture for clients.
  • Gain an instant picture of each account's holdings, allocation, performance, and assets held.
  • Combine holdings, performance data, vendor data, and other information across any number of accounts for analysis and reporting.

Simplify Analysis

Leverage a single source for analyzing and monitoring portfolios.

Simplify Analysis

  • Compare existing holdings with proposed trades to understand the potential impact.
  • Create and manage investment policies.
  • Automatically monitor portfolios for exceptions, drift, or other customizable rules.

Improve Workflow

Utilize technology that mirrors your routine and style.

Improve Workflow

  • Customize asset categories and subcategories to the unique requirements of the firm.
  • More accurately present each client's investment strategy and your management style.
  • Attach notes, files and documents to any portfolio.