Who We Are


InvestEdge partners with progressive leaders of investment firms who advise and serve prosperous individuals and families. Our sole focus is the delivery of innovative thinking and proven wealth management technology to help you grow your business and deliver the ultimate client experience. Today, dozens of the world’s leading advisors rely on InvestEdge for managing, measuring and reporting on the assets of high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients. Our talented, knowledgeable and dedicated team-combined with our patented wealth management solutions-enables you to focus on what matters most: Building stronger, deeper and more profitable relationships with your clients.

Since inception in 2000, InvestEdge has steadily grown into the premier provider of wealth management solutions by helping firms:

Solve Real Business Needs

InvestEdge solutions were developed specifically for large investment firms whose success hinges on a blend of performance and service. The company’s founders, Bob Stewart and RC Collins, applied their collective years of experience in developing large scale investment systems and web applications to launch the firm. The resulting solution enables advisors to remain focused on servicing customers and gathering additional assets.
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Realize the Rewards of Change

InvestEdge solutions have a positive financial impact on virtually all aspects of wealth management; from simplifying complex reporting processes and automating time consuming investment reviews…to eliminating spreadsheet rebalancing and streamlining portfolio analysis. But the real measure of success is our ability to help you achieve your business goals. Whether you’re looking to provide a better client experience…scale your business…or gain competitive advantage, we’re here to help. Your goals are our goals, and together we achieve them.

Utilize Proven Technology

The core technology behind InvestEdge solutions is patented and industry proven. The n-tiered architecture was designed from the ground up to be 100 percent web-based, allowing the system to be enhanced and updated without requiring new software to be installed on users’ desktops. The solution is also easily integrated with portfolio accounting, brokerage and performance systems as well as other third-party providers.
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Form a Lasting Relationship

As our customers attest, InvestEdge makes good on its promises. Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly team is completely dedicated to the success of each client. As a result, we are proud of our extraordinary level of customer satisfaction and our reputation as a pioneer in wealth management technology.
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