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Here’s What People Have to Say About US

InvestEdge is proud to have been selected by more than 60 of the most successful investment firms in the industry. And we’re equally proud that for over 15 years, we’ve maintained a near perfect retention record. So what’s our secret?

It’s simple really. Every business decision we make is measured by the impact it will have on our customers. From the top down, our goal is to make certain we’re always acting in their best interests. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers and others in the industry have to say.


Paul Gifford
We only entrusted our previous performance provider with a fraction of our accounts. With InvestEdge, all of our managed accounts receive an identical level of service. Whether we need to track and maintain composites, manage and measure consolidated family relationships, or quickly create a complex performance report, we rely on InvestEdge.
Diane Wells
With InvestEdge, we've automated tasks such as account rebalancing and performance reporting, providing significant time savings for our portfolio managers. As a result, our front office has more time for client servicing and revenue-generating activities.
Reed Murphy
Our reputation is our greatest asset. We're committed to providing clients with quality advice and an exceptional experience with every interaction. Performance reports are a great example. They are much more than a measure of returns-they are a tangible reflection of our firm. It is critically important they demonstrate the care and attention each portfolio receives. InvestEdge helps to make this possible.
David Campbell
InvestEdge enables us to execute our open architecture strategies and ensure they remain aligned to each client's unique objectives. Perhaps the greatest impact of InvestEdge has been our ability to provide high quality investment presentations. Our reports do more than deliver performance returns-they help to shape favorable impressions about the quality and care each account receives
Gordon Fowler
The quality, timeliness and accuracy of the presentations we deliver are unparalleled. This is highly valued by our high net worth and institutional clients.
Scott Neff
InvestEdge is an integral part of our business. The company's technology is first class, as is the service it provides to its customers. In turn, this enables us to better serve our customers and deliver on our pledge of total customer satisfaction.
Mark Laskow
Our reports have been very well received. They are accurate, comprehensive, and easily interpreted. I can't imagine why any firm wouldn't want to provide their high-value clientele with the best performance reporting available. InvestEdge helps to make this possible for Greycourt.
John Driban
In my 20-plus years in the industry, no other vendor I've dealt with provides the premium service I receive from InvestEdge. It has remained consistent throughout our relationship.
Christopher Madel
InvestEdge enabled us to integrate three major capabilities: portfolio management, client reporting and compliance. It created efficiencies for our investment staff and streamlined access to information that we just didn't have before.

Industry Analysts

Alois Pirker
InvestEdge provides institutional clients an automated aggregation capability that rivals anything they would likely be able to build on their own.
Peter Delano
InvestEdge’s capabilities around account aggregation and client-facing portals address one of the industry’s major focus areas, specifically an enhanced multi-channel experience that supports holistic advice delivery.
Alexander Camargo
Solution providers that continue to expand their functionality and adapt to client demands will be future industry winners. With over ten years of experience and a rapidly growing customer list, InvestEdge is well situated against its competitors.
Isabella Fonseca
After the financial crisis, wealth management firms realized the necessity of providing superior customer service and communication. InvestEdge is ideally positioned to address these goals. Their solution enables wealth managers to automate key reporting processes and thereby reallocate advisor time from manual production of reports to retention of clients.