It’s a Matter of Pride

The InvestEdge team takes great pride in perpetuating the core values upon which the company was founded. Every employee is accountable for building and maintaining the company’s reputation for excellence-and each interaction with a customer or partner is the opportunity to deliver premium service. We are completely committed to not only listening to our customers, but responding in a timely and professional manner. If a promise is made, it is kept. If an issue is discovered, it is resolved.

Collaborate…then Innovate

We believe a collaborative approach to helping firms achieve their business goals is imperative. The merit of every business decision is measured by the impact it will have on our customers and partners. This discipline not only drives product development, but the people we employ. Our purpose is to apply our experience, processes and technology to help customers achieve their objectives.

Build Long-term Relationships

Our ability to deliver exceptional products and service is made possible by employees who are committed to a common purpose: Building long term relationships. We are very proud of our nearly perfect retention rate. This can be attributed to not only the value our product provides, but the unequalled service we provide every customer-large or small.

Be Passionate and Different

We’re passionate about engaging in dialogue that, quite often, is refreshing and new for customers and prospects. It elevates traditional ‘feature/function’ conversations into true business analysis. Our goal is to help firms determine their readiness for change, quantify and prioritize their business needs and goals, and realize the benefits of customer-centric solutions. We don’t tell…we ask and listen, and then respond with a plan that produces results.

Do Things Right the First Time

InvestEdge has developed metrics to proactively monitor and measure key aspects of our business. We believe that it costs less to do something right the first time, and it is certainly in our customers’ best interest for us to do so. And should we fall short, we apply reactive processes to fix the issue. Our stated goal: To ensure that our response to each customer need has an urgency and thoroughness aligned to their expectations.