It’s a Matter of Pride

The InvestEdge team takes great pride in perpetuating the core values upon which the company was founded. Every employee is accountable for building and maintaining the company’s reputation for excellence – and each  interaction with a customer or partner is the opportunity to deliver premium service. We are completely committed to not only listening to our customers, but responding in a timely and professional manner. If a promise is made, it is kept. If an issue is discovered, it is resolved.

Our Courageous Edge

We are not afraid of a little uncertainty. We’re willing to admit when we are wrong. We like working outside our comfort zone. We’re ready to try something new to make our big, bold ideas a reality.

Our Committed Edge

We’re passionate about the intersection of technology and wealth management. We’re always thinking about our work. We’re in this together, and we’re in it for the long haul. We celebrate wins by looking toward the next challenge.

Our Calm Edge

We’re cool under pressure. We thrive on tight deadlines, competitive forces and fast-moving client demands. We replace stress with structure, panic with process and chaos with constructive debate. We work with quiet confidence, continually focused on our mission as industry leaders and innovators.

Our Curious Edge

We’re problem solvers at heart. We embrace chances to grow. We love to share what we’ve learned, but often we’d rather listen. We do our best work standing at a whiteboard, hunting for that breakthrough idea. To us, knowledge is a stepping stone to better successes for our clients.

Our Connected Edge

We’re natural collaborators and seek out connections with our co-workers and in long-term relationships with our clients. We’d rather have an impromptu brainstorm session than a meeting. We’d rather have a conversation than a conference call.

Our Creative Edge

We’re not swayed by conventional wisdom. We care more about challenging the status quo than following the pack. We are innovators, inspiring each other to find new and better ways to achieve our goals. We’ll listen to any idea if it means a win for our customers.