Why Call Us

Achieving Business Goals

InvestEdge is the only comprehensive wealth management to address the daily tasks and workflows common to HNW and UHNW advisors. Through a single interface, InvestEdge provides consolidated access to the information and tools that advisors, investment officers, performance personnel and compliance professionals need to achieve optimum productivity, profitability, and client satisfaction.

Decrease Costs

InvestEdge commonly encounters firms that are paying exorbitant sums for numerous solution-specific systems (like performance measurement systems, reporting services, portfolio management systems, compliance solutions, etc.). Typically, these disparate systems are not integrated and very difficult and costly to maintain. Because InvestEdge provides a consolidated platform, we offer the opportunity to cost-effectively eliminate most other front office systems, and at the same time deliver substantially more features and higher quality results. InvestEdge solutions are very competitively priced and carry no maintenance or enhancement fees. And because we offer web-based services, there is no additional equipment to buy or software to install.

Improve Efficiencies

InvestEdge addresses dozens of time-consuming tasks that otherwise distract highly paid investment professionals from performing other revenue-generating activities. By automating tasks like report production, compliance monitoring, account rebalancing, and others, our customers experience dramatic improvements in the front office. This enables the firm to increase the number of accounts the firm can manage-without increasing its number of advisors.

Enhance the Client Experience

InvestEdge provides numerous opportunities to cement relationships with clients. Advisors who use the system have ready access to every aspect of each client’s investment holdings, investment policy, performance history, preferences, attributes, and more. The ability to gain a holistic view of any account at the macro or micro level enables advisors to make faster, more informed decisions, and contributes to better performance and more satisfied clients. Further, the system produces client reports which are unparalleled in the industry. Clients receive high quality, accurate presentations that are professional, timely and accurate.

Control Risk

Many investment advisors struggle to minimize risk and exposure. InvestEdge provides tools and workflows to ensure accounts are managed to the client’s expectations, as well as those of regulators. The system provides the opportunity to automatically monitor accounts for problems such as holdings not on an approved list, single concentrations, allocations not in line with the policy, etc. InvestEdge also includes integrated tools for automating error-prone, time consuming processes like OCC Reg. 9 Reviews and Administrate Account Reviews.